20 heures +20% BONUS for monthly auto renewal

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Stay closer to your friends and family by purchasing access to open internet and video skype calling time.  All packages include access to a touch screen tablet computers (8.1 inch Nexus 9 or 10.1 inch Nextbook  2:1 with keyboard) and an Internet connection.  You have 4 options to choose from and bonus hours available for monthly subscribers.  Select your plan below:

  • 20 heures +20% BONUS for monthly auto renewal = 24hrs of open internet time
        • NOTE: If you family or friends need additional help getting set-up online, they will be welcome to participate in scheduled group Internet onboarding sessions at no additional charge. These sessions will teach them how to:
          • Basic device introduction and manipulation
          • Receive an introduction to using a keyboard and a take home paper keyboard to study/ practice on
          • Set-up a gmail account
          • Set-up a Skype account
          • Set-up a Facebook account
          • Do basic search engine searches, on google, yahoo, and bing
          • Discover Seneweb and several free online learning platforms that support learning and training from primary school through post BAC, with certification programs and access to programs like Africa Virtual University and other MOOCs



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